Davide Capponi photography

Photographic art by Davide Capponi

La Mole Antonelliana

La Mole Antonelliana is the landmark of the city of Torino.

This has been shot with my iPhone 3gs. The app used to shot the image was HDR Pro, cropping and adjustments were done using Snapseed, further editing was done using Dynamic Light, Pic Grunger and PhotoToaster.

6 Responses to “La Mole Antonelliana”

  1. John S

    Love your photos. Never realised you could do so much with an iPhone. Must check out some of those apps!

    My best effort – well, I like it anyway – is the shots I took into a setting sun on a misty afternoon at Hammersmith, West London, by the River Thames. Did on zoom to give even less resolution. Came out like an impressionist painting I thought. Pure luck!

    It’s here:

    Not trying to plug my blog, just giving quick access to the photos in question.

  2. nikmimms

    Hi Davide,
    Once again a beautiful image. The blue is amazing.. Which app did you use to achieve this effect?
    Since seeing youre work i spent all weekend exploring my iphone camera.. A revelation.. Once again thanks for your images..

    • rubicorno

      Hi Nik,
      Thank you!
      The apps that mainly characterize this image are Pic Grunger and Phototoaster.
      Pic Grunger “only” applies grunge textures to the image, but the quality of the textures is very good for the kind of results I try to achieve.
      Phototoaster is more of an all round editor that gives you control also on chromatic parameters.
      If you want to start with one I would advise the later.
      Dynamic Light on the other hand is a kind of post processing HDR and enables a nice saturation of colors, so it does play its part in the blue.


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