Davide Capponi photography

Photographic art by Davide Capponi

Butterfly effect

Butterfly effect

This is the Vodafone Village in Milano. This was shot with my iPhone 5s.

The app used to shot the image was ProCamera, editing was done using TinType, Mextures and Image Blender.

12 Responses to “Butterfly effect”

  1. Allan G. Smorra


    This is a beautiful image. I see that you are using a new iPhone 5S—do you experience any improvement when shooting/editing low-light or night-light images with the new camera?


    • rubicorno

      Thank you Allan! Low light shooting with the 5s is much better than with the 4s, but the sensor provides better defined images also in full light. Other two bonuses for photographers are: burst mode (if you shoot at moving subjtects ten photos per second are really good) and improved battery life. Are you considering to upgrade ?

      • Allan G. Smorra

        Thanks for your reply, Davide.

        I have a year left on my phone contract and I imagine that there will be new, even more shiny, phone out by then. I really like taking photos in low light and have been challenged by the capability of the iPhone 4/5 sensors. Perhaps some more time spent with the Slow Shutter app will yield better results for now.

        Do you have a go-to low light/night app?

      • rubicorno

        I just tried with good results Night Cap, that enabled me to shoot in very low light conditions, where Slow Shutter would not be enough.
        It is a bit crash-prone, but it manages decently focus even when light is not enough.
        See my last post Sweet is the night as a good example of this.

      • Allan G. Smorra

        Thanks for the information, I took a look at your photo and like the effect. I will give Night Cap a tryout.

        By the way: I saw a trailer for the new movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, and the overall look reminded me of many of your photos.

      • rubicorno

        Thanks for pointing me to that movie, Allan, I saw the trailer and you’re right, the photography has something akin to my works, I will see the whole movie!


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