Davide Capponi photography

Photographic art by Davide Capponi

Top nine poll!

It’s been some time since I started this blog at the end of December 2011 and I found myself looking at the stats:

  • 8 months
  • 400 posts
  • 12000 visits

I did not know when I started that I would go this far, and I would like to thank all of you that spent some of your time and attention to look at my works.

I also compiled a top nine compilation of my works by number of views and here is the list (linking to the posts):

  1. Caval’d’brons
  2. Lady of the grey world
  3. Collapsed spiral staircase
  4. House in via Viotti, Torino
  5. Unconsolable
  6. Gate entrance
  7. Reflections of life
  8. Naviglio crossing
  9. Autumn on the river

Since these were posted in different times and conditions (the number #1 Caval’d’brons received a huge number of views for being Freshly pressed), as a little game I set up a poll where you can choose your favourite image:

Thanks for voting!


14 Responses to “Top nine poll!”

  1. mariannegv

    Congratulations! MY favorites are ” Naviglio crossing” (my vote), “Unconsolable” and “Gate entrance”.
    Kind greetings.

  2. niasunset

    It is hard to choose for me because they are all my favurite, dear Davide, 🙂 But I voted for this, ” Naviglio crossing”… You are so nice, welcome and Thank you, love, nia

  3. deCamville Design

    Davide, I love your nine-square composition. I chose the gate entrance because I love the coffered ceiling, although it is to hard to choose. Your work is beautiful. ~Patricia

  4. CultFit

    Autumn on the river is simply brilliant and my top pick. Wish you the best and take care.

  5. Betty R.

    I love them all but “Unconsolable” is very moving to me and so I’ve made it my favorite. 🙂


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