Davide Capponi photography

Photographic art by Davide Capponi

Autumn on the river

This is a view of the river Dora in Torino. This has been shot with my iPhone 3GS.

The app used to shot the image was Pro Hdr, cropping and contrast and lightness adjustments were done using Snapseed, further editing was done with Shockmypic.

24 Responses to “Autumn on the river”

  1. sueamour

    I love the way this looks like painted brush strokes. Fantastic colours and composition. Sue x

  2. Russel Ray Photos

    I’m not finished camping out in your blog this evening, but I’m pretty sure that one will be my favorite for the day. Nice!

  3. Reeds 2 « Beneath the Layers

    […] got the idea for this photo from one of my favorite iPhoneographers, Rubicorno. I don’t remember the sequence of digital filters I applied to get this photo to this stage, […]

  4. onelifethislife

    I love the artistic editing on this photo. It resembles a painting. The details are magnified and paired with vibrant colors brings this photo life. Love it!

  5. Art X Nullality

    This is fucking Brilliant!! It reminds me of Van Gough, REALLY something special here in the process you used. big props, cheers!

  6. Adam Isler

    Yes, reminiscent of Van Gogh and also a certain style of Japanese painting with a Tiffany-like color translucency.

  7. Melynn Allen

    Really lovely. The strokes of color almost look like a van Gogh.


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