Davide Capponi photography

Photographic art by Davide Capponi

Piazza Palazzo di Città

Piazza Palazzo di Città is where is located the City Hall of Torino. This has been shot with my iPhone 3gs. The app used to shot the image was HDR Pro, cropping and adjustments were done using Snapseed, further editing was done using Dynamic Light, Pic Grunger and PhotoToaster.

8 Responses to “Piazza Palazzo di Città”

  1. polamiro

    You could write an entire story on what’s going on with the people on the right side of the photo. For instance, what is that boy looking at? And there seems to be a girl smiling at something. Could they have been bird-watching? Again, beautiful haunting composition.

  2. Patrizia M.

    Che lavoro, sembra una foto antica naturale e non lavorata
    Sei proprio bravissimo, complimenti
    Ciao, Pat


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