Davide Capponi photography

Photographic art by Davide Capponi

Loyalty in stone

This is a decoration on a stairway of a old house in Barcelona. This has been shot with my iPhone 3gs. The app used to shot the image was HDR Pro, editing was done using Dynamic Light and PicGrunger.

11 Responses to “Loyalty in stone”

  1. LediaR

    This reminds me of the Japanese Kitsune fox spirit that is know to be both benign and a trickster. I can imagine this statue either watching over with good intent or waiting for the right moment to do some mischief. The fun is in wondering what the next chapter will tell.

  2. Patrizia M.

    Un tuffo nel passato, mi trasmette questa sensazione
    Sempre belli i tuoi scatti 🙂
    Ciao, Patrizia


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