Davide Capponi photography

Photographic art by Davide Capponi

Lady of the grey world

This is a funerary monument in the Cimitero Generale of Torino. This has been shot with my iPhone 3gs.

The app used to shot the image was HDR Pro, cropping and adjustments were done using Snapseed, further editing was done using ShockMyPic, Rays, Dynamic Light, Pic Grunger and Phototoaster.

35 Responses to “Lady of the grey world”

  1. mdphotographers

    I really enjoy looking at your work. I am very happy to have discovered your blog! This picture like so many of your other pictures is simply amazing.

  2. artimagica

    This is magical – It is wonderful. It looks as though she just appeared through a hole in time. Great job!

  3. Mona

    Oh WOW! Because of your post of a building shot with app, I purchased it for my iPhone. My images are not worthy of publishing but it sure is fun.

  4. jlmag

    This is wonderful–did dynamic light provide the rays or was that a separate app (or a good original!!)?

  5. Jane Thorne

    Davide the light in this one…. it has a fluidity that can only be borne of nature…well captured, Jane

    • rubicorno

      Thank you! I think good photos can be taken anywhere, but nevertheless you should come to Italy!


  6. through a glass darkly

    Make it darker and it would be a great ‘gothic’ photo.

  7. niasunset

    I loved it so much… Italian artists are amazing, how beautiful cemeteries with amazing sculptures…Thank you, with my love, nia

  8. mondidascoprire

    da quando ero bambina il cimitero mie era familiare, ma non trovavo una bellezza in esso, mentre da queste foto mi accorgo che i volti , le statue hanno un mistero che non è solo dolore…ciao

  9. fotodiario

    Andare per cimiteri è un esercizio stlistico meraviglioso…
    Ho una piccola slide che vorrei farti vedere, è in ACdsee e si apre con VLC ma non riesco a inviarla, forse solo per mail… fammi sapere se puoi

      • fotodiario

        se non lo hai visitato te lo consiglio: cimitero monumentale di Staglieno, Genova, forse il più ricco d’arte, personaggi, estensione… d’Europa

        grazie per la mail, proverò a spedire la slide


      • rubicorno

        So che Staglieno é uno dei top d’Europa, conto di andarci presto.



  10. gweaverii

    Absolutely stunning use of light/shadow and tonal effects.

  11. andy1076

    Dynamic light gave the light effect? nice! i bought an app called ‘lensflare’ that does several different light effects, so tempted to use it in so many of my pictures lol!

    • rubicorno

      Hi Andy, the rays effect is given by an app called “Rays” that is similar to lensflare, but in my opinion more powerful.


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