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My photo Collapsed has been featured in three exhibitions around the world during the month of December 2012, here are some shots of the photo exposed.
Collapsed at Bremen
Collapsed (at the right end) at the “Galerie OutOfMyMind” in Bremen, Germany as part of the  “Bilder aus dem Telefon – iPhoneografien/THE THIRD WAVE” exhibition of iPhonic art.
Collapsed in London
Collapsed at the “Unit24 Gallery” in London, UK as part of the Pixel Revolution Exhibition.
Collapsed at Berkeley
Collapsed at the “Garden Gate Creativity Center” in Berkeley, California as part of the THE THIRD WAVE exhibition of iPhonic art.

The taste of Torino seen through the eyes of Italian Instagramers at Artissima 19

Three of my photos will be on show as part of a collection of photos about Torino at the contemporary art show Artissima 19, opening on Thursday, 8th of November.

The photos on show will be:

You can see the full collection of photos on this Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/biteg/

This is the announcement of the sponsor of the collection:  The taste of Torino by BITEG seen through the eyes of Italian Instagramers at Artissima 19

This the link to the Artissima exposition site: Artissima



2nd Italian Instameet in Torino

Last weekend has been a busy and fun one, with the second Italian meeting of Instagramers held in my city Torino.

During the event a number of Instawalks (photoshooting walks)  toured the most beautiful parts of the city, and as a local Instagramer, I was asked to lead one of the groups of mobile photographers to hunt for the best images to shoot and post online.

During the afternoon I captured some nice shots, such as this one of the mole antonelliana the main landmark of Torino:

I will post more shots from the Instawalk during the next days, so stay tuned, but in the meanwhile I’d like to share with you that two of my photos have been published on La Stampa, Torino’s daily newspaper (you should know my style by now, so I’llet you guess which they are 😉 )

For a while the photos will be available also on the online version of La Stampa and on another national daily newspaper: La Repubblica 1 and La Repubblica 2 .