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Mentioned on Snap Great Photos


The blog Snap Great Photos has mentioned me in a post about the use of HDR in iPhoneography, I would like to thank Dianne for thinking about my works.

Snap Great Photos is a great blog of useful lessons to improve your iPhoneography skills, I can only advise it to anyone wanting to learn more on this subject.

Why so little photography on Freshly Pressed ?

Freshly Pressed logo

I noticed that recently photography is a neglected topic on the Freshly Pressed page, while time ago it was much more covered.
While I understand that textual content might emerge more in the form of attractive headlines, my passion is for photography and this is the topic I am interest to see.
Is this a topic that is becoming less important in the wordpress universe ?

I just opened a topic in the WordPress Forums,  if you share this concern or agree, why don’t you make your voice heard there ?

Here’s the link to the topic: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/why-so-little-photography-on-freshly-pressed?replies=2#post-1267369