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New Era Museum architecture curation


I was appointed two months ago curator of the architecture section of the New Era Museum, and since then I selected the above images among more than 700 mobile photos submitted to the NEM architecture album on EyeEm.

These are really outstanding images that I wanted to share with you and that you can see better on the NEM architecture page together with the name of the authors.

If you’re into architecture mobile photography I invite you to submit your photos to the EyeEm album .


New Era Museum update

NEM memories

I had the privilege of being the curator of a NEM action on the theme of Memories (a theme that is dear to me), and you can see above the fantastic 8 photos that I chose to be featured.

You can see them in full size with the name of the authors and my comments here.

I am also proud to be part of a cool video made with motivational posters created by NEM founder artists:

Founder artist of New Era Museum


I have been recently proposed by fellow iPhoneographer Andrea Bigiarini to become a founder of the New Era Museum, an initiative that pursues this mission:

 “Promote the creation of visual art on mobile devices, in order to spread a form of active thought, which will help to build a new era in society, a new culture, and free our artistic expression even further.”

This sounds quite a far-reaching goal, but I can say that mobile devices are every day awakening creativity in many many people who would have never thought before to be creative.

Will this change our world ? I believe that it will, and this is why I embraced with enthusiasm this new adventure, whose manifesto  you can read here.

NEM, as it abbreviated, is an online museum containing works from the founder artists but is also a group fostering creation and diffusion of mobile art through Actions that can be participated by anyone; the channel chosen to collect works is at the moment EyeEm a mobile social network available for iOS and Android, but more will follow.

I am honored to be, as NEM Founder Artist, in a group of many talented mobile artists from all the world, whose list and works can be looked at here.

NEM Founder artists

Here  you can find my personal gallery on NEM site.

So, if you think this can be interesting and/or fun, have a look at NEM website, and why don’t you participate to some of our Actions on EyeEm ? Once registered in EyeEm follow @neweramuseum to be in the loop.

NEM Create

NEM Flyer by Roger Guetta